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What are Spiritual Gifts? It's important to know what our spiritual gift is so we can put it to use in ways that glorify the Lord. When we know our spiritual gift we can find our place of ministry in the body of Christ. In addition, we can become thoughtfully and intentionally engaged in the life of Kettle Moraine United Presbyterian Church. The Spiritual Gifts Survey is a simple, confidential questionnaire that will help you begin to understand your God given spiritual gifts with personalized analysis.
Daily Devotional with Music
PAUSE -- As you pause to begin your devotion, you will find a statement that will help you take time away from your busyness to center and listen to what God is saying. Stay on this screen as long as you like, as you get ready to listen to what God has to say. Choose "next" to go onto the next step, but remember you can go back and reread any part as you continue the devotion. LISTEN -- Scripture has so much to say to our lives, our job is to make the space to listen. As you read the scripture for the day, read it through a few times or pray the scripture as you listen for God's voice. THINK -- The devotions found on this site are reflections, voices that will cause you to think. As you read the reflections on the scripture, ask yourself what you are thinking. Do you agree? Do you disagree? How do the words you are reading help you to dialogue with the text? Remember, you can go back and "listen" and read the text again to help you understand what the devotion is saying. PRAY -- Let your thinking about the text lead you into prayer. As you enter the "prayer" step, we've given you a few words to get you started, but don't end there. Remember, prayer is conversation, so take the time to talk to God about what's going on in your life. GO -- While it would be nice to find a quiet space and stay there forever, life always calls us back. There are many things to do, and we are called to go, but never alone. So as you finish your devotion, go with God, go with the blessing of a space in your day set aside to listen.
Presbyterian Hymnal
Music is "good for the soul". Here is an on-line version of the Presbyterian Hymnal with tunes!
Methodist Hymnal
HymnSite.com is your online source for Free Hymn Texts, Tunes, and Sheet Music; Lectionary and Psalter Resources; Audio and Data CDs; Free Downloads Featuring MIDI hymns and psalm tunes from The United Methodist Hymnal 1989 Edition and The Faith We Sing (Hymnal Supplement)
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